[URBANTH-L]Call for Papers AAA Annual Meeting

J Cottle jacottle at ucdavis.edu
Wed Feb 14 22:32:10 EST 2007

Call for Papers

Immigration and Health Disparities: Case Studies of Survival and Resilience
Proposed Panel for the AAA Annual Meeting, November 28-December 2, 2007, 
Washington DC

This panel addresses immigrants’ stories of survival and resilience in 
dealing with physical and mental ailments vis-à-vis the social and 
health obstacles imposed by organized medicine. In a global context of 
reduced public health services, restricted coverage and eligibility for 
state-sponsored health insurance, this panel calls for an in-depth 
reflection on the impact of disparities on immigrants’ health outcomes 
and health strategies. Papers in this panel weave the stories of 
immigrants as both patients and caregivers. Exclusion from mainstream 
health systems are intertwined with accounts of informal sources of 
support, with attention to the connections between structural 
determinants and immigrants’ staggering tales of resistance. In 
particular, we will examine immigrants’ (access) barriers to health care 
(e.g., institutional and financial) and the role of informal social webs 
that help them navigate health care services and find alternative 
sources of care. Papers will explore the challenges faced by immigrant 
caregivers, as well as non-biomedical health practitioners, in taking 
care of vulnerable immigrant populations in developed nations. We also 
welcome work that includes comparisons among countries.

If interested in participating, please send an abstract to Anahí 
Viladrich (aviladri at hunter.cuny.edu) and Julia Cottle 
(jacottle at ucdavis.edu).

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