[URBANTH-L]AAA Panel on Local Islams

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Sun Feb 25 14:44:14 EST 2007

AAA Panel on Local Islams

The topic of 'local Islams' is an important one to take up and develop, 
particularly in the context of non-majority Muslim societies. I would 
like to be part of, or help organize, a comparative panel on the 
differing manifestations and belief structures that exist in the 
diaspora vis a vis public political culture and 'national values.'
Here, I would like to push beyond the Islam and democracy compatibility 
question or the integration/assimilation/fit question and examine from 
a local level how Islam is lived, understood, debated, and how this 
affects questions of public recognition, voices, policy and change.
That is, how is Islam lived differently in different countries and what 
are the links that bridge the local communities to nationhood as 
historically understood? How does Islam change the nature of public 
political discourse and how does the public political discourse change 
the negotiations of individuals in the grassroots? What can we learn 
from a comparative view on this subject?

The final abstract may change, given the paper ideas that are 
submitted. Please contact Melanie Adrian at adrian at fas.harvard.edu if 
you are interested in participating. It would help if you would send a 
draft of an abstract or a description of your paper. Please do so by 
March 15, as the AAA deadline is fast approaching.

Melanie Adrian
PhD Candidate
Social Anthropology and the Study of Religion Harvard University

Tel: 617.996.9100

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