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Tango and the "Macho" Cult

Summer Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, July 1 – August 4, 2007

The GLOSAS (Global South Advanced Studies) Center 
and the University of Hawai’i Study Abroad 
Program invite applications for the 2007 summer 
session on 
and Performance.  Two parallel 5-week intensive 
courses are offered:

Tango, National Identity and Cultural 
Translations, Professor:  Marta Savigliano. 
Introduction to tango history, tango styles, 
movement analysis, and movement experience. 
This course explores the politics of popular 
culture, tracing tango’s travels from the 
brothels of Buenos Aires to the cabarets of Paris 
and the shako dansu clubs of Tokyo; from 
Hollywood screens to Finnish popular festivals to 
Broadway stages.  Films and texts will be used to 
take a critical look at exoticism and 
auto-exoticism.  Local and international 
struggles over tango’s meanings and 
representations will be analyzed and discussed 
including gender, sexuality, class, race, and 
national identity that interweave in the making 
of different tango styles, tango bodies, and 
tango communities. Tango studio classes (to learn 
tango argentino movement techniques as currently 
practiced in dance clubs or milongas) are an 
integral part of the course.  Studio classes, 
taught by professional tango dancers, will be 
offered three times a week at introductory and 
intermediate levels. (DNCE 495:  Topics in 
Dance-- 3 credits,  A-F only.)

Machos: Latin American Masculinites, Professor: 
Jeff Tobin.  This course encourages students to 
think critically about the concept of machismo by 
reviewing a variety of ways of being manly 
throughout Latin America with a focus on Buenos 
Aires.  Case studies include men's roles in tango 
clubs, sames-sex tango practices, soccer fans, 
asado (Argentine barbecue), and the military 
repression of 1976-1983. (Anth 315:  Sex and 
Gender or WS 495: Selected Topics--3 credits, A-F 

Both courses are taught in English.  Course 
credits: 3 units each. Undergraduate and Graduate 
students are welcome to apply.  Credits towards 
degrees at any University are processed through 
University of Hawai’i Study Abroad Program.

Students interested in taking Spanish courses, at 
any level, as well as in taking Independent 
Courses not for credit should contact Marta 
Savigliano (martasa at arts.ucla.edu) or Jeff Tobin 
(tobin at oxy.edu) directly.

(UCLA) and <http://faculty.oxy.edu/tobin/>Jeffrey 
<http://faculty.oxy.edu/tobin/>Tobin (Occidental 
College), are professors and scholars 
specializing in the anthropology of Argentina, as 
well as gender and performance studies.  They 
will be assisted by local guest specialists in 
the field.

Facilities:  Library, computer lab (with 
broadband access), offices, and classroom are 
located in the GLOSAS (Global South Advanced 
Studies) Center in downtown Buenos Aires, two 
blocks away from the national Congress building 
and its Library.

Costs:  $3,707 (US dollars) including study 
abroad and instructional fees for 6 credits, 
library and computer lab access, supplies, shared 
accommodations, meals, laundry, airport transfer, 
subway passes, excursions, welcome and farewell 
dinners, health insurance, and International 
Student Identity Card.  Single accommodation is 
available with a $122 supplement.  Airfare and 
personal expenses are not included.  Housing is 
provided in centrally-located residence hotel, 
ten minutes subway ride from the GLOSAS center.

For admissions requirements and applications go 
to: <http://www.studyabroad.hawaii.edu/> 
www.studyabroad.hawaii.edu.  For poster go to: 
For additional information contact:

Valerie Chong (<mailto:vchong at hawaii.edu>vchong at hawaii.edu)
  Jeff Tobin (<mailto:tobin at oxy.edu>tobin at oxy.edu)
  Marta Savigliano (<mailto:martasa at arts.ucla.edu>martasa at arts.ucla.edu )

Application Deadline March 12, 2007
Marta E. Savigliano, Ph.D.
Professor, World Arts and Cultures
University of California, Los Angeles

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