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Corrected Dates!
   The Global City and Media Ethnography: Practice-led Transcultural
Research and Media Practice

Summer and Study Abroad

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Dates: June 17 - July 7, 2007
Application Deadline: March 1, 2007

The Department of Culture and Communication, in collaboration with the
Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice, Faculty of Applied
Arts, Dublin Institute of Technology, present a three-week study abroad
program in practice-led media research. The curriculum is aimed at graduate
students from diverse disciplines who want to explore creative media
practice as a research methodology. The summer school brings together a
multi-national cohort of core and visiting scholars/practitioners/artists
who are expert in media ethnography, visual culture, performance theory,
digital imaging technologies, network environments, and practicing field
research on the linked topics of transcultural process, globalization,
diaspora identities, and human rights.

The Summer School is located at the Irish Photographic Centre in Dublin's
Temple Bar Cultural Quarter, comprising 28 acres of historical architecture
dedicated to arts, media, culture, and entertainment. This area also
includes some of Dublin's leading restaurants, cafés, pubs, hotels, and
shops, in one of the world's most rapidly globalizing cities with expanding
multicultural communities and identities.
    Through theory-building seminars, project development clinics,
multimedia lab instruction, and one-to-one advisement, students are enabled
in the design and development of practice-based M.A.- and Ph.D.-level
research projects, combining text and visual-audio media artifacts across a
variety of platforms, including video, photography and digital imaging, and
networked environments.
    Students also participate in media labs, and guided site visits and/or
field-site placement in ongoing, Dublin-based research projects mapping the
transcultural city. Dublin is used as a template and resource for gaining
domain experience in practice-led media ethnography that can be later
applied to other sites and contexts. Students visit and enjoy local cultural
sites, including pub life, Irish and multicultural cuisine, music, and

Themes and Topics

·      Transcultural and Globalization Theory

·      The Politics of the Gaze and the Senses

·       Human Rights and Mediated Visibility/Invisibility

·      Mapping Mediascapes

·      Space and Place as Performance

·      Media Practice: Politics and Ethics of Multi-Sited Fieldwork

·      Cultural Memory, New Media and Audible Pasts

·      Photography and the Aesthetics of Evidence

·      Reading/Performing the Archive

·      Media and Research Reflexivity

·      Media-led Research: Artefacts and Outputs

6 Points. Offered through Culture and Communication

Core Faculty:
Allen Feldman, Co-director, (MA. PhD, Cultural Anthropology, Graduate
Faculty, New School for Social Research), Associate Professor Department of
Culture and Communication, New York University.

Áine O¹Brien Co-director, (Ph.D. Modern Studies Program, University of
Wisconsin - Milwaukee); Director: Centre for Transcultural Research and
Media Practice, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Nicholas Mirzoeff (PhD Art History, University of Warwick) Professor Visual
Culture Program, New York University

Roshini Kempadoo MFA, Senior Lecturer In Media Production Media and Cultural
Studies, University of London.

Arvind Rajagopal (PhD, Sociology University of California Berkeley),
Associate Professor Culture and Communication New York University.

Tuition: $992 per credit point (6 points) plus registration fees.

Accommodations: approximately $1550, Trinity College, Dublin (breakfast

Activities: approximately $250

Travel: Round-trip airfares to New York City and Dublin approximately
$500-$800 (students make reservations individually)

For More Information:
Professor Allen Feldman, Department of Culture and Communication, The
Steinhardt School of Education, New York University, NY 10003-6680:
212-998-5096; email: af31 at nyu.edu.

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