[URBANTH-L]FUNDING: PhD Scholarship "Youths, Belonging and Citizenship"

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Tue Jul 10 13:43:07 EDT 2007

The Department of Cultural Geography at the University of
groningen has PhD scholarship for a project on 'youths,
belonging and citizenship'. The PhD candidate should be
able to begin working in Groningen from 01 January 2008.

Groningen is a very interesting city of approximately
180,000 people situated in the north of the Netherlands.
The city has a number of higher education institutions and
is characterized by a very active 'civic' life, with
regular public concerts and events in the central
square(s) and more than 180 cafes and pubs dotted
throughout the centrum. More than 45% of all journeys in
the city are completed by bicycle, and the city very
actively encourages sustainable transport.

The PhD would focus on the youths, belonging and
citizenship and fieldwork could be completed in a range of
settings, preferably Eastern Europe. Coursework and
Studies would be completed in English (although students
can also work in Dutch if they choose to do so). The
student would work with Dr. Bettina van Hoven and other
members of the department of Cultural Geography at the
University of Groningen. The department is part of the
Faculty of Spatial Sciences, which includes Economic
Geography, Cultural Geography, Planning, and Demography.
Further information about the faculty can be found at:

As for the financial side of the 3-year scholarship:
It pays 1422 euros per month. There is an additional
budget of 750 euros per year for international conference
costs and 100 euros for national ones.

For further information, please feel free to contact Dr.
Bettina van Hoven (B.van.Hoven at rug.nl).

C. Wilkinson

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