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Disability in Local and Global Worlds

Benedicte Ingstad is Professor of Medical Anthropology at the 
Department of General Practice and Community Medicine at the 
University of Oslo. She is author of _Community-Based Rehabilitation 
in Botswana: The Myth of the Hidden Disabled._ Susan Reynolds Whyte 
is Professor at the Institute of Anthropology at the University of 
Copenhagen. She is author of _Questioning Misfortune: The Pragmatics 
of Uncertainty in Eastern Uganda _and coauthor, with Sjaak van der 
Geest and Anita Hardon, of _Social Lives of Medicines._ Together, 
Ingstad and Whyte coedited _Disability and Culture _(UC Press).


The lives of many disabled people in Europe and North America have 
improved over the past two decades through innovative technologies 
and the efforts of the disability rights movement. These changes have 
been spreading to other societies around the globe-albeit unevenly. 
In this collection of essays, leading scholars explore global changes 
in disability awareness, technology, and policy from the viewpoint of 
disabled people and their families in a wide range of local contexts. 
The authors report on ethnographic research in Brazil, Uganda, 
Botswana, Somalia, Britain, Israel, China, Egypt, India, and Japan. 
They address the definition of disability, the new eugenics, human 
rights in local contexts, domestic and state citizenship of disabled 
people, and issues of identity and belonging.

Full information about the bookis available online: 

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