[URBANTH-L]IRBs and undocumented immigrants

Lisa Maya Knauer lknauer at umassd.edu
Mon Jun 4 11:25:16 EDT 2007

Hello there. I'm wondering if anyone out there in SUNTA-land has been 
working with undocumented immigrants and has any advice to offer. I'm 
developing a project on Central American communities in New Bedford, MA 
leading up to and in the aftermath of the recent ICE raids that resulted 
in the detention of 361 people, mostly women. I won't bore the list with 
all of the back-and-forth (most of which has been fairly amenable).  One 
of the stumbling blocks was my intention to share some of the research 
materials with one of the main immigrant advocacy groups in the area 
(Organizacion Maya K'iche), which will be facilitating my contacts among 
the Guatemalan community (the largest group in the area; most of the 
detained workers were Guatemalan), and whether that meant they were 
"engaged" and thus needing to submit their own IRB application (I think 
I've straightened this out).  However, the most recent issue has been a 
phrase they want me to add to the "informed consent" form (they did 
approve a signature waiver but I have a form that spells out what the 
project is about, risks and benefits, yadda yadda).  This has to do with 
whether or not I would turn over materials to the government.  My draft 
stated that I would not turn any materials over to government officials. 
My IRB wants me to add "unless subpoenaed".  Has anyone dealt with this 
particular issue? If so, please contact me at:  lknauer at umassd.edu

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