[URBANTH-L]IRB vows and woes

Francisco Gurri fgurri at camp.ecosur.mx
Fri Mar 30 21:07:31 EDT 2007

I think it would be a better idea to discuss how to do participant
observation and get some evidence of subject consent in a "natural setting",
rather than to look for ways of avoiding the issue by getting exemptions.
It is important, I believe, to be able to show that those you are studying
are happy with what you are doing regardless of the research method
Francisco Gurri

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I am running into problems with our Institutional Review Board for getting 
my research proposal approved. My institution, which has no social science 
faculty on its board and is mostly reviewing pscychology, medical and 
technology research proposals, regards participant observation as a research

method that requires a consentforms and a full IRB proposal. This is of 
course extremely impractical, if not impossible to do when doing field 
research in a natural setting.  From colleagues I am hearing that their 
IRB's are usually providing an exemption for anthropological research, 
unless it deals with vulnerable populations.

Using this forum, I would like to find out how other anthropologists have 
dealt with their institution's reviewboards and how they have managed to not

let the IRB stiffle their research.

Annegret Staiger
Clarkson University 

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