[URBANTH-L]CFP: Visual Production and Social Disaster

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Sat May 5 13:22:01 EDT 2007

From: Pelin Tan <pelintan at gmail.com>

Dear All,

Please feel free to apply with related proposals or forward the announcement 

International Visual Sociology Conference, New York

10-11. August. 2007

Session: Visual Production and Social Disaster

Chairs:  Pelin Tan (Istanbul Technical University-Institute of Social 
Sciences) and Dee Britton (Colgate University)

Social disasters are events that that cause collapse of anticipated social 
protections and therefore transform the normative public/private division. 
Social disasters alter human actions, interactions, social institutions and 
community narrative. This session will examine how visual representations of 
social disasters are produced and how those representations impact social 
interaction, social structure, and the establishment of a collective memory 
of the disaster.

For further information or to send abstracts or completed papers please 
contact: Pelin Tan (Istanbul Technical University-Institute of Social 
Sciences-Art History Dept.) Email: pelintan at gmail.com and Dee Britton 
(Colgate University) Email: dbritton at mail.colgate.edu 

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