[URBANTH-L] CONFERENCE: Refugees and the End of Empire, De Montfort U, Leicester

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Refugees and the End of Empire
Location:	United Kingdom
Conference Date:	2007-06-29

One of the most negative legacies of the twentieth century was the
development of the refugee, a person who emerged during the inter-War years,
as nationalism, fascism and communism gripped the European continent. While
scholars have recognized the importance of war and the arrival of intolerant
regimes in the construction and expulsion of refugees, little attention has
focused upon the consequences of imperial collapse. All of the major Empires
(broadly interpreted) which ended during the twentieth century, led to
successor states which developed new forms of exclusivist national
ideologies which identified, and often expelled, sectors of their
populations, which did not possess the right ethnic credentials. The purpose
of the conference is to examine the relationship between imperial collapse,
the emergence of successor nationalism, the exclusion of ethnic groups with
the wrong credentials, and the refugee experience.

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