[URBANTH-L]ANN: Urban Dystopias (Princeton U)

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Mon May 14 19:40:03 EDT 2007

From: Jennifer Houle <jhoule at Princeton.EDU>

A Conference at Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Historical Studies
Princeton University, May 18-19, 2007

Friday, 211 Dickinson Hall

Gyan Prakash, Director, Davis Center, Introductory Comments
James Donald, University of New South Wales
Sounds like Hell: Dystopian Urban Aurality
Ruben Gallo, Princeton University
Modernist Dystopias: Mexico City, a Case Study
David Ambaras, North Carolina State University
Topographies of Distress: Tokyo, c. 1930
Ravi Sundaram, CSDS, Delhi
Imaging Urban Breakdown: Delhi in the 1990's

Thomas Sugrue, University of Pennsylvania
Liberal Dystopias: Race, Class, and the Limits of Diversity in Civil Rights Era America


Saturday, 010 East Pyne

Anton Kaes, University of California, Berkeley
Phantasms of the Apocalypse: Metropolis and Weimar Modernity
Mark Shiel, King's College London/Davis Center Fellow
A Regional Geography of Film Noir: Urban Dystopias On- and Off-screen

Bill Tsutsui, University of Kansas
Oh No, There Goes Tokyo: Recreational Apocalypse in Postwar Japanese Popular Culture
Ranjani Mazumdar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Friction, Collision and the Grotesque: the Edge in Bombay Cinema
Li Zhang, University of California, Davis
Postsocialist Urban Dystopia: A View from the Margins
Jenny Robinson, The Open University, UK
Living in Dystopia: Past, Present, and Future in Contemporary Urban Development

Jennifer Houle 
Davis Center
Princeton University

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