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The University of California Press  is pleased to announce the publication of:

Public Sociology: Fifteen Eminent Sociologists 
Debate Politics and the Profession in the 
Twenty-first Century

Dan Clawson, Robert Zussman, Joya Misra, Naomi 
Gerstel, Randall Stokes, and Douglas L. Anderton 
teach in the Department of Sociology at the 
University of Massachusetts. Michael Burawoy, 
former president of the American Sociological 
Association, is Professor of Sociology at the 
University of California, Berkeley.


"Once we acknowledge the sharp divisions in our 
society, we have to decide which publics we want 
to work with. I propose Š that we strive to 
address the public and political problems of 
people at the lower end of the many hierarchies 
that define our society."-Frances Fox Piven, 
president of the American Sociological Association

In 2004, Michael Burawoy, speaking as president 
of the American Sociological Association, 
generated far-reaching controversy when he issued 
an ambitious and impassioned call for a "public 
sociology." Burawoy argued that sociology should 
speak beyond the university, engaging with social 
movements and deepening an understanding of the 
historical and social context in which they 
exist. In this volume, renowned sociologists come 
together to debate the perils and the potentials 
of Burawoy's challenge.

Full information about the book, including the 
table of contents, is available online: 

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