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The War on Poverty and Grassroots Struggles for Racial & Economic Justice 

Sponsored and hosted by the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, November 9-10, 2007.

Note the extended registration deadline of Monday, November 5th.

Please join us as we share & discuss path-breaking scholarship that
re-evaluates the War on Poverty from the perspectives of grassroots
activists who sought to harness the Johnson administration's federal
antipoverty initiatives to advance their local campaigns for racial &
economic justice. While examining the interplay of federal policy and
grassroots social movements, panelists will discuss such topics as the
gender, racial, ethnic, and class dynamics of local struggles over War on
Poverty programs; the urban and rural variations of the War on Poverty; the
impact of the War on Poverty on Chicano, Native American, African American,
and poor white community-based movements; and the reverberations of these
movements within the Johnson administration.

Schedule of Events

Friday, November 9, 2007

*Friday's conference events will take place in the Scripps Library of the
Miller Center of Public Affairs unless otherwise noted.*

8:30 AM                      COFFEE AND LIGHT BREAKFAST

9:00 AM                      WELCOMING REMARKS

9:00-10:45 AM            *PANEL I *-* **Urban Politics & the War on Poverty*

·         *Ivy Holliman* - " 'We do not have large areas of poverty &
discontent': Urban Renewal, Unrest, & Antipoverty Programs in Atlanta,

·         *Guian McKee* - "This Government is With Us: Lyndon Johnson and
the Grassroots War on Poverty"

·         *Wesley Phelps* - "Local Implementation of Antipoverty Programs in
Houston in the 1960's"

·         *Rhonda Y. Williams* - " ' We Had Better Listen': Community
Action, Poor People, and Municipal Politics in Baltimore"

·         *Moderator:* *Tom Jackson*

11:00 AM-12:30 PM   *PANEL II -* *Movement Politics & the War on Poverty*

·         *Robert Bauman* - "Opal Jones and Francisca Flores: Gender, Civil
Rights Activism and the War on Poverty in Los Angeles"

·         *William Clayson* - "The War on Poverty and the Origins of the
Chicano Movement in Texas: Confronting 'Tio Tomás' and the 'Gringo

·         *Laurie B. Green* - "Black Women, Community Health, and Racial
Justice: The Memphis Antipoverty Movement"

·         *Moderator:* *Lisa Gayle Hazirjian*

12:45 PM                     LUNCH

2:00-3:30 PM              *PANEL III - **The War on Poverty in the Deep

·         *Susan Youngblood Ashmore* *-* "Going Back to Selma: Organizing
for Change in Dallas County after the March to Montgomery"

·         *Kent B. Germany* *-* "Poverty Wars in the Louisiana Delta"

·         *Amy Jordan -* "Fighting for the Child Development Group of
Mississippi: Poor People, Local Politics, and the Complicated Legacy of Head

·         *Moderator:* *Benjamin Houston***

* *

3:30 PM                       LIGHT REFRESHMENTS

4:00-6:00 PM              *FILM SCREENING & DISCUSSION*

*Miller Center Forum Room*

"Change Comes Knocking - The Story of the North Carolina
Fund" (Southern Documentary Fund)

*Rebecca Cerese* and *Steven Channing *(tentative)

*Moderator: **Lisa Gayle Hazirjian***

* *

6:00-7:00 PM              RECEPTION

Saturday, November 10, 2007

*Saturday's conference events will take place in the Forum Room of the
Miller Center of Public Affairs unless otherwise noted.*

* *

9:00-10:30 AM            *PANEL IV* *- **Community, Space, & Identity in the
War on                                                Poverty***

·         *Daniel M. Cobb* *-* "No More 'Lo, the Poor Indian: The War on
Poverty in Mississippi and Oklahoma"

·         *Tom Kiffmeyer* *-* "The Cities in the Hills: Urban and Rural
Space and the War on Poverty"

·         *Marc S. Rodriguez* *-* "Defining the Space of Participation:
Tejanos and the Struggle for the War on Poverty in Milwaukee"

·         *Moderator:* *Brian Balogh*

10:45-11:45 AM          CLOSING REMARKS

                                    *Annelise Orleck*

12:00-1:00 PM            LUNCH/DISCUSSION

                                    *Moderator(s): Lisa Gayle Hazirjian
and/or Guian McKee*

Panels will be conducted as roundtable discussions with paper abstracts
available in advance via secure website. We hope this format will foster
greater dialogue among all present at the two-day event.

The conference is free and open to the public, but pre-registration is
required for web access to abstracts.  For conference information and
registration, please visit:


Please note the extended registration deadline of Monday, November 5th.

Further inquiries about the conference program may be directed to the
conference co-organizers, Lisa Gayle Hazirjian, lgh at andrew.cmu.edu, and
Guian McKee, gam2n@ virginia.edu.

Lisa Gayle Hazirjian
Department of History
240 Baker Hall
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

lgh at andrew.cmu.edu

Guian McKee
Miller Center of Public Affairs
PO Box 400406
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22902-4406
gam2n at virginia.edu

Visit the website at

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