[URBANTH-L]Journal of Legal Anthropology at the AAAs

Heather A Horst hhorst at berkeley.edu
Tue Nov 13 12:26:56 EST 2007

The Journal of Legal Anthropology will be organizing an 'alternative
session' at the AAA conference in Washington DC (Nov 28 - Dec 2). We intend
for this session to focus around a debate which will be published in its
Forum sections at a future date.  For more details and/or to propose
discussion topics, please contact Narmala Halstead n.halstead at uel.ac.uk or
Heather Horst hhorst at berkeley.edu. Alternatively, you may check the message
board at the meetings.


The Journal of Legal Anthropology can be found on the web at its homepage:

Details of a new research network emphasizing the translatability of
anthropological knowledge and its applicability in diverse settings can also
be found at this address.



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