[URBANTH-L]ANN: Picture the Homeless Event (Columbia U)

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Thu Nov 15 13:30:08 EST 2007

From: "Lynn Lewis" <lynn at picturethehomeless.org>

Dear Friends,

On November 26th, Picture the Homeless and the Revson Fellowship Program at
Columbia University will be co-hosting an exciting panel on vacant property,
housing policy, and homelessness.   We hope that you can join us!

Featured speakers include:

* Prof. Peter Marcuse *, Columbia University

* Rabbi Michael Feinberg *, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition

Leaders of the *Housing Campaign at Picture the Homeless *

With an introduction by Sudhir Venkatesh, Professor of Sociology and
Director of the Charles H. Revson Fellowship Program and the Center for
Urban Research and Policy, Columbia University

*Monday, November 26th *

*Columbia** University*

*12-3 p.m. , Faculty House*

*Enter through the gate on 116th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and
Morningside Drive *

There are enough potential apartments in vacant buildings and lots in
Manhattan alone to house every homeless person on the streets and in the
shelters *citywide*. Yet municipal housing policy has no unified strategy to
address this massive dilemma, and existing initiatives focus on developing
expensive housing that accelerates gentrification.

Join us to learn about new strategies to develop joint solutions to issues
of housing, homelessness, job creation, and systemic change.

For more information, call 212-854-6029 or email revson at columbia.edu

* *

*"The housing crisis does not exist because the system isn't working, it
exists because that's the way the system works."*

*Peter Marcuse*

* *

*"I'll get arrested for sleeping in the street, but this landlord can keep
his building empty for decades and nothing happens to him." *

*Picture the Homeless Member *

*Sponsored by the Charles H. Revson Fellowship, *

*A Program on the Future of the City of New York at Columbia University **,

*in affiliation with Picture the Homeless *


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