[URBANTH-L]Reminder: SUNTA Teaching Workshop at AAA

Robert Rotenberg rrotenbe at depaul.edu
Sun Nov 25 11:19:13 EST 2007

Hi, all. 

I just wanted to remind everyone that the SUNTA teaching workshop will be
Friday afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00 PM (i.e. After the business meeting
and before the reception). In addition to our usual business of developing
syllabi for intro classes that forefront urban, national and
transnational/global anthropology, we will also talk about the differences
between Fordist and Constructivist pedagogies (I'm a constructivist), and
for those job seekers out there, the elements of an effective teaching
statement.  I've invited some friends to happen to be great teachers to stop
by to talk about what they are currently working on. Even Mike Wesch from
KSU has said he would try to stop by to talk about his YouTube Ethnography
project in his intro classes (They make them; they don't watch them).
So, whether you are seasoned veteran or a first term teaching assistant,
there will be something for everyone. As you see there's a full agenda and
we'll certainly fill the three ours with lot's of active learning.

Remember, the deadline is past for pre-registration. So, please, for SUNTA's
sake, register for the workshop when you pick up your program and badge.
See you Friday, 

Bob Rotenberg

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