[URBANTH-L]New Network of Concerned Anthropologists

bchap bchap at ku.edu
Mon Oct 1 10:53:01 EDT 2007

I agree that the text of the pledge is unusually broad for this kind  
of document, but I still agree with it. There is nothing that says  
anthropologists are forbidden from working in the theaters of the  
"war on terror"-- rather, it presents an ethical argument  
specifically against counter-insurgency. What is implied, I think, is  
not that terrorism doesn't exist, but that counter-insurgency is the  
wrong response, both unethical and ineffectual. For a classic version  
of this argument, see the Battle of Algiers. I agree with Judith that  
there is an urgent need for sanity in public affairs, but reject the  
implication of the recent gov't proposals that anthros should only be  
allowed to contribute within the context of a counter-insurgency  
project that is itself beyond question or debate.

Anyway, it's a pledge, not a ban.

A more pressing concern is that I can't print the page without  
widowing the headers and starting a second page with blank lines.  
Reformat, please?
Ben Chappell
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