[URBANTH-L]Women as Global Leaders 2008 Conference -Dubai, UAE

wagl wagl at zu.ac.ae
Mon Oct 1 15:30:15 EDT 2007

(our apologies if you receive this multiple times) Greetings, We are
writing to you today from Zayed University, located in the United Arab
Emirates (UAE). Zayed University is a government institution for UAE
national women and one of the main areas of the university's curriculum
is it's focus on leadership education. From March 10-12, 2008, we will
be hosting our Third International Student Leadership Conference, in
Dubai, UAE.  We intend to build on the success of our previous
conferences.  For this conference, we want to attract women
undergraduate students, and graduate students, educators and leadership
practitioners of both genders from around the world. We would greatly
appreciate it if you could distribute our attached "Request for Program
Submissions" to whomever you consider appropriate, including web sites
and listserv discussion groups. A more extensive version is online at
the conference Web site at http://www.zuglobaleaders.org  , which also
contains more details about the event. We believe that "Women as Global
Leaders" is an exciting, inspirational event for everyone involved. Any
assistance you might be able to lend in spreading the word will be
greatly appreciated. Regards, The WAGL Team Zayed University

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