[URBANTH-L]Globalization-Related Films from California Newsreel

Benito Vergara vergara.benito at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 16:57:56 EDT 2007

CALIFORNIA NEWSREEL launches a new collection of educational films on
topics related to globalization and international development

The term "globalization" is as elusive as it is full of
contradictions. The films in our globalization collection serve to
deconstruct many of the complex issues associated with this
phenomenon, generating dialogue and, ultimately, building awareness.
Providing far more than the usual sound bites propagated by the
mainstream media, our films go beneath the surface to educate viewers
on the real issues facing those most seriously affected by the
prevailing neoliberal economic policy.

---New films include---

BLACK GOLD - a film about coffee, fair trade, global trade, and
economic development

MAQUILAPOLIS - a film about women workers fighting the illegal actions
of the corporate owned maquiladoras on the US-Mexico border

A KILLER BARGAIN - a film about the textile industry in India and the
poisonous pesticides and chemicals that imperil the workers producing
our consumer goods

THE BIG SELLOUT - a film that raises questions about privatization and
social justice, also bringing into question the efficiency of such

THE BELOVED COMMUNITY - a film about the health and environmental
consequences facing a Great Lakes town whose economy is based on the
oil and petrochemical industries.

THE DEBT OF DICTATORS - a film examining the odious debts accrued by
history's most brutal dictators and the modern burden faced on the
formerly oppressed populations as a result

THE OTHER EUROPE - a film that probes the contradictions inherent to
the immigration debate, shedding light on the disconnect between the
political rhetoric and economic reality

MAY JUSTICE BE DONE - a film that examines, in academic detail, the
political and economic circumstances surrounding the Argentine debt
crisis of 2001

FIVE FACTORIES - a film that goes deep inside Venezuela to provide an
inside view of the worker owned and operated factories created as an
alternative to the dominant corporate model.

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