[URBANTH-L]The Rom in Brazil

Angela Jancius jancius3022 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 28 14:28:50 EDT 2008

From: Mariella Bussolati  <mbussolati at gujm.it>

Hi, I am an italian journalist of Geo magazine. I have been reading this
list since more than two years.

A friend of mine is leaving for Brazil to follow the migration that the Rom
people made towards Brazil in the 16th century. There are two main Roma
groups now in Brazil, who speak slightly different languages, and who came
there from different areas. My friend would like to do a research on this.
But she is not a researcher. And she is interested in a scientific 
collaboration and, perhaps, also some funding. She would like to make 
videos and photos and write a story that covers a topic very rarely heard.

I can send more details to anyone who may be interested.

Best regards
Mariella Bussolati
mbussolati at gujm.it

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