[URBANTH-L]Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration 3/2008

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Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration 3/2008




* Tuomas Martikainen: Nordic Migrations – Past and Present. The 4th Etmu 
Days in Turku/Åbo, 26–27 October, 2007


* Diana Mulinari: Gendered Spaces: Women of Latin American Origin in Sweden
* Garbi Schmidt: Transnational Families among Turks and Pakistanis in 
Denmark: Good Subjects, Good Citizens and Good Lives
* Jeanette Lauren & Sirpa Wrede: Immigrants in Care Work: Ethnic 
Hierarchies and Work Distribution
* Pirkko Pitkänen: Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Public Sector Work 
in Finland

Project Reports and Essays

* Kielo Brewis: Stress in the Multi-Ethnic Customer Contacts of the 
Finnish Civil Servants
* Laura Schwöbel: Highlights of the Sixth Biennial MESEA Conference in 

Book Reviews

* Tuomas Martikainen: Singla, Rashmi (2008) Now and Then. Life 
Trajectories, Family Relationships, and Diasporic Identities
* Gail Hopkins: Julios, Christiana (2008) Contemporary British Identity


Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration (FJEM) is a scholarly and 
professional journal, published by the Society for the Study of Ethnic 
Relations and International Migration (ETMU). It aims to promote and 
advance the circulation of the multidisciplinary study of ethnic 
relations and international migration that is conducted in Finland and 
its neighbourhood, especially the other Nordic countries. The Journal is 
trilingual (English, Finnish, Swedish) and published twice a year.

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