[URBANTH-L]CFP: Panel on Informal Economies, ICCEES 2010

abel polese abelpolese at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 30 11:29:19 EST 2008

Dear members, 

I am a Research Fellow at the Institute of Geography of the Univesity

of Edinburgh.

I am trying to put together a panel on informal economies for the next

ICCEES World Congress (I attach the call below).

In my current research project I look at the way under-the-table

practices have a role in the economic development of Ukraine and Turkey. 

If anybody working on:

-social and economic informal networks

-bribe/gift giving, corruption, favours

-fiscal frauds, taxes, smuggling

-remittances, border crossing

or any other related topic 

wants to attend the ICCEES I would be glad to hear from him/her

you contact me at

abelpolese at hotmail.com

abel.polese at gmail.com

Thank you and best wishes 


CONF./CFP- ICCEES World Cong. - Int'l Council for Central & East Eur.



Posted by: Henry Wathen <henry.wathen at gmail.com>


Dear Colleagues:


We have the honour to invite the international academic community to

the VIII ICCEES World Congress in Stockholm 2010, to participate in a

wide scholarly discussion with the overriding theme:


Eurasia: Prospects for Wider Cooperation


Call for Proposals


The VIII World Congress of the International Council for Central and

East European Studies will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, on 26-31

July 2010.


The Swedish Society for the Study of Russia, Central and Eastern

Europe and Central Asia invites all interested scholars to submit

proposals for panels, papers and round-table discussions. These

proposals should reflect the results of new research in the study of

developments in the cultural, political, social and economic processes

underway in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.


While acknowledging the ongoing European integration processes, the

VIII World Congress is convened at a time when the international

situation poses new security challenges, requiring the elaboration of

new strategies. The Congress seeks to organize a wide scholarly

discussion of these developments. The processes of European

integration and wider cooperation across Eurasia not only impact upon

geographical spaces but also leave their mark upon cultural spaces.

These processes make communication between languages, histories,

religions, traditions, legacies and memories more complex. Humanities

and social science scholars are therefore invited to reflect on how

local cultural contexts react to, engage in, or resist globalization.


For more information about the general themes of the Congress, please see:



Deadline for panel proposals: 28 February 2009 Address for proposals:

proposals at iccees2010.se Abstract submission: 1 March ­ 30 October 2009

Registration: Beginning 1 July 2009

Address for abstracts and registration: www.iccees2010.se


Procedures for Proposals


1. Only proposals submitted electronically will be considered for

   inclusion in the Congress. Proposals must be submitted in English -

   irrespective of the language to be used by the panelists at the

   Congress. Proposals should be directed to: proposals at iccees2010.se.

2. The deadline for proposals is 28 February 2009. The International

   Academic Committee encourages proposals to be sent as early as


3. The International Academic Committee will meet in the spring 2009 to

   make a decision on the composition of the final Congress programme.

4. The International Academic Committee will send all scholars whose

   proposals have been accepted, an official letter of invitation, which

   can be used to apply for funding and/or obtaining a visa, by 1 July


5. Once a proposal for a panel/paper has been accepted, one half-page

   abstract in English should be submitted through an on-line abstract

   system at www.iccees2010.se, for each of the panel's papers, no later

   than 30 October 2009. A paper without an abstract will not be included

   in the program.

6. Please note that the abstracts will be published without editing.

   The authors therefore have to ensure that they are satisfied with

   their abstract.

7. Each abstract must indicate the language in which the paper will be 


8. Each abstract has to include contact details, at least an e-mail



For further guidelines for panel proposals, see the Congress webpage.


Registration Fees by 31 December 2009:

Registration fee: 290 euros

Residents of Eastern European and Central Asian states: 230 euros

Students: 125 euros


Registration after 1 January 2010:

Registration fee: 350 euros

Residents of Eastern European and Central Asian states: 290 euros

Students: 150 euros


On-Site Registration:

Registration fee: 375 euros

Residents of Eastern European and Central Asian states: 300 euros

Students: 160 euros

One-Day Admission: 55 euros

One-Day Admission for Students: 25 euros


For further information about payments, accommodation, registration,

tours, and the scholarly aspects of the congress, see the Congress




Hjartligt valkomna!





Tova Höjdestrand, Ph.D.

General Secretary ICCEES 2010

Södertörn University College

CBEES / F901

S-14189 Huddinge


Phone: +46 8 6084035

Cell phone: +46 73 6463567

tova.hojdestrand at iccees2010.se



Henry Wathen

Folke Bernadotte Academy

henry.wathen at folkebernadotteacademy.se

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