[URBANTH-L]call for papers AAA2008 "engaging editors - mediated methods"

Brink-Danan, Marcy Marcy_Brink-Danan at brown.edu
Tue Feb 19 13:52:24 EST 2008

Dear SUNTA Members:
I am putting together a panel for AAA 2008 which deals with the ways news journalists/editors collaborate to produce and mediate knowledge. 
I am particularly interested in the European context (broadly construed) and minority media productions. 
Fitting with the goals of the conference, I prefer paper abstracts from non-US based researchers.
Please contact me at Marcy_Brink-Danan at brown.edu with inquiries.
Marcy Brink-Danan, Ph.D. 
Dorot Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies and Assistant Professor of Anthropology 
Box 1826, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912-1826 
(401) 863-2750
Marcy_Brink-Danan at brown.edu

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