[URBANTH-L] CFP: Transnational Cinema in Globalising Societies: Asia and Latin America (Mexico)

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Thu Jan 3 16:12:18 EST 2008

Transnational Cinema in Globalising Societies: Asia and Latin America

Audiences: Film scholars and area scholars (Latin America and Asia); 
sociology; philosophy' anthropology.
Date: Deadline is 1 april 2008
Venue: Conference will be held in Mexico in August 2008

If cinema was instrumental to nation building processes during the twentieth 
century, it has been equally central to their challenging, interrogation and 
sometimes reaffirmation in the twenty-first. This is especially true for 
Asian and Latin American cinemas, as present conditions variously described 
as 'globalisation' or 'flexible accumulation' have wrought tremendous social 
change, both rising standards of living and increasing inequality; allowing 
for reverse cultural flows and also exposing the mediascapes of countries in 
these two regions to unprecedented contact with 'the West'; reducing their 
film production while also increasing availability of films made there. We 
invite papers addressing the relationship between these cinemas and 
(post)national identity, cinema and modernity/postmodernity, exilic cinema, 
diasporic and border filmmaking, the effects of digital technology on 
filmmaking and viewing in Asia and Latin America and, more generally, on the 
impact of globalisation on film industries in these two regions.

The following topics would be especially welcome:
* Contemporary issues of audience reception
* The role of co-productions
* Cross-fertilisation of genre across Asian/Latin American Cinemas
* The role of festivals in the construction and promotion of Asian and Latin 
American transnational cinemas
* Diasporic cinema
* Asian and Latin American directors and contemporary auteur theory
* The Cultural construction of Stars and Fandom in Internet communities
* Alternative versions of modernity in Asian and Latin American cinema

Send 300 word abstract to the organisers, Armida de la Garza and Claudia 
Magallanes, by 1 April 2008 to the following address: 
Armida.Delagarza at nottingham.edu.cn

Dr Armida de la Garza
Lecturer in International Communication
University of Nottingham, Ningbo
199 Taikang East Road, Ningbo, China 315100
+86 (0) (574) 88180993
+86 (0) (574) 88180125
Email: armida.delagarza at nottingham.edu.cn
Visit the website at http://www.nottingham.edu.cn/ 

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