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Call for articles

Website "European City" (www.europeancity.cz) has issued a call for
articles on "Motion in the City".

Motion and process modify the urban environment and provide
fascinating scope for those interested in the field of urban studies.
Both repeated and routine motion are important in understanding the
functioning principles behind single urban localities and also whole
metropolitan regions. Migration, commuting, financial flows and the
flux of ideas. All these motions are the beats of the city and in
certain sense may be seen as the substance of the urban setting.
Motion can be evaluated from the perspectives of different academic
fields; many questions about the contemporary development of the city
reveal themselves. How has urban motion changed over the last decades?
What are the effects of technological innovation, in the field of
transport and the transfer of information, on the urban milieu? What
is the progress of intra-urban, internal and international migration
into cities?  How do the different parts of a city differ in terms of
the rhythms and everyday motions of its population?

Please send us an e-mail with your proposal to slamak at natur.cuni.cz
(Martin Ourednícek) until 30th August 2008. Final submissions  
should be sent to europeancity at mkc.cz (Ondrej Daniel) until 15th 
September 2008.

All feature articles and case studies should be either in English,
Czech or Slovak.

Original articles should be between 4,000 and 5,000 words, whilst
critical definitions should not exceed 2,000 words. Both must be
written in Microsoft Word and submitted as either *.doc or *.rtf
files. Font: Times New Roman, size:12. Line spacing: 1.5. Margins: 2.5
cm top and bottom, 3 cm left and right. Do not insert page numbers.
All references should follow the Harvard system consisting of in-text
citations [e.g. (Castles 2003)] and a full bibliography (see bellow).
Footnotes should be limited, but if included should be placed at the
foot of each page. Do not forget to list bibliography at the end of
your text. Please be consistent in your bibliography format, e.g. as

MORGAN, P. (2004). From a Death to a View: The Hunt for the Welsh past
in the Romantic Period. In: E. Hobsbawm and T. Ranger, ed.: The
Invention of Tradition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp.

MUSTERD, S. (2003). "Segregation and integration: A contested
relationship." Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 29 (4):

KERYK M. (2008): "The Church and Ukrainian Immigrants in Poland."
Available at http://www.migrationonline.cz/e-library/?x=2081309
[visited 28.3. 2008].

Please also provide the following:

 - Brief annotation  (4 sentences maximum) and a list of keywords (5-10
 most relevant keywords)

 - Full contact details for the author along with email address as well
 as a brief biography (3 sentences maximum).

 Please submit all images as separate files, in either *.jpg or *.tif
 format with reference points indicated in the text.

 Authors of feature articles and case studies chosen for publication
 will receive remuneration for their contribution.

Ondrej Daniel
Website editor

tel./fax: (+420) 296 325 347
e-mail : europeancity at mkc.cz

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