[URBANTH-L] CFP: Supporting Social Movements: 5th Annual Public Anthropology Day

Angela Jancius jancius at ohio.edu
Tue Jul 29 12:43:08 EDT 2008

Supporting Social Movements:
The Fifth Annual Public Anthropology Day
American University, Washington, DC
College of Arts and Sciences & Department of Anthropology
Conference Dates: October 31-November 1, 2008

Submission deadline: August 15, 2008
Contact: vine at american.edu

This conference seeks participants interested in building support for
social movements dedicated to progressive social change--among others,
those dedicated to erasing inequalities, combating discrimination and
oppression, ending wars and violence of all kinds, and extending basic
human rights to all. We invite activists, anthropologists and other
academics, and other concerned individuals to join us for two days of
collaborative discussion and strategizing about how academics might better
support social movements and how social movements might better draw on
academic support.

Specifically, we are looking for participants to discuss questions that
include: How can activists and academics work together better to strengthen
progressive social movements? What needs do social movements have that
academics can address? How can academics better design their research to
support movements? What's the future for progressive social movements and
how can we broaden their impact? Activists, academics, and others are
encouraged to share experiences and insights from environmental, labor,
liberation, GLBTQ, peace, anti-racism, anti-displacement, feminist,
indigenous rights, health, fair trade, and other social justice movements.
Unlike many academic events built around academic papers, this conference
will focus on bringing panelists and audience members together to discuss
concrete ways academics can support, strengthen, and contribute to
progressive social movements. The conference will be collaborative both in
spirit and in providing a space to create new alliances among attendees.
If you would like to be a panelist in one of the conference sessions,
please submit a one-paragraph description of the ideas you would like to
discuss. Relate your ideas to the topics above. Remember that the aim of
the conference is to generate productive conversations among a broad range
of activists and academics. Academic abstracts, of the sort usually
prepared for academic conferences, are not required for purposes of this

Panelists will be selected by a group of students and faculty according to
the fit between submissions and the focus of the conference and to ensure
the conference reflects a diverse array of social movements, backgrounds,
and experiences.

Please send one-paragraph submissions by August 15 to
supportingsocialmovements at gmail.com; questions to vine at american.edu.

Dr. Eric Herring
Department of Politics, University of Bristol,
10 Priory Road, Bristol, BS8 1TU, United Kingdom.
Tel. +44(0)117 9288582. Mobile +44(0)7771 966608.
eric.herring at bristol.ac.uk

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