[URBANTH-L]CFP - Radical Theater Plays AAA 2008

Ariane Dalla Déa tocantins512 at mac.com
Mon Mar 10 16:33:43 EDT 2008

Call For Proposals - Radical Theater Plays ­ AAA 2008

in anthropology¹s center-stage.

This is a call for short, one-act plays that address contemporary
social issues in a
globalizing world. We invite you to read or perform a 10-minute act
exploring the effects
of drama on the AAA 2008 theme of "Inclusion, Collaboration &
Engagement.? We propose using the potential efficacy of radical, open
theater to broaden audiences and engage community participation in a
more public and active anthropology. We blur conventional distinctions
between text and performance, stage and auditorium, performer and
spectator, action and dialogue, and art and life. Theater has the
potential to stir debate with our many publics both within the
humanities and the natural and social sciences, and outside of
academia because of the performatic and symbolic efficacy of applause,
laughter, tears, and indignation! As anthropologists and  theater
practitioners, we use radical theater to affect public policy and
create social change, transforming future actions of our audiences,
communities, and research partners. Democracy, education,
environmental justice, health equity, peace-making, and human rights
are core matter of story lines we enunciate. Our theatrical visions
are inhabited by characters whose diverse voices, gazes, and epistemic
perspectives enlarge our center stage, empowering communities and
making anthropology increasingly relevant to the global community.
Theater and anthropology collaborate to engage the general public into
a dialogue for dramatic change. Please send your 250-word abstract,
including title of play and your affiliation to: Mariana Ferreira
marianaf at sfsu.edu or Ariane Della Déa tocantins512 at mac.com as soon as
possible. Thank you!

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