Rik Pinxten Hendrik.Pinxten at UGent.be
Tue Mar 18 14:43:11 EDT 2008

dear colleagues, 
I want to sound out whether you would be interested to join on a panel about cosmopolitanism for AAA/SUNTA. 
please contact before april 1rst : 

Interculturality: living with identities and borders in Cosmopolis.


With a majority of people living as urbanites, the question arises in what ways religious and cultural identities can or will hold a basic status in the emerging socio-political complexes. Can an update of Aufklärung-cosmopolitanism offer an avenue to sustainable urban projects of living with diversity? In what ways do religious denominations think about the unalterable diversity in the urban complexes? What tensions or potential fusion processes do we see on the issue of identity dynamics and the building/demolishing of mental and cultural borders between groups? How do anthropology of religion and urban anthropology interact on these particular lines of research?

Hendrik.Pinxten at ugent.be

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