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Subject: American University Urban Transformations Conference CFP




Graduate Leadership Council 

American University 

Monday, November 17, 2008 


Dear Faculty and Friends: 


The Graduate Leadership Council is organizing the first American University Urban Transformations: Public, Private Practices of Social Change conference scheduled for March 20th & 21st 2009.  We are currently calling for presentation proposals, papers, posters, films and alternative research forms from now until January 29th 2009. 


Urban Transformations is an interdisciplinary conference intended to bring faculty, students, and all agents of change from around the country into a critical discussion of the state of local, national and international cities. Participants will have the opportunity to present their research on panels with active and engaging audiences within the following themes: Gentrification and Urban Renewal; Public and Private Governance; Language, Sexuality & Citizenship; Public Health and Environmental Justice. For further information, we invite you to access the conference website it at http://auglc.com/urbantranformationsconference, where you may find detailed abstracts on the themes, a preliminary program, accommodation information, and submission and registration guidelines.  


The success of this conference will be largely based upon support received from you. As such, we are asking that you please identify students who have submitted work fitting into one of the themes listed above, and encourage or facilitate the submission of their work. In addition, we also ask that if any of the themes fit into your course work, that you include attendance to the event as part of this coming Spring's coursework. 


If you have any other specific questions about the conference, please contact Kalfani Ture, Conference Chair, at ture_k at yahoo.com <mailto:ture_k at yahoo.com> . Please see the attachment. 


Thank you in advance for your support of this ambitious endeavor. 


Yours Truly,

Kalfani N. Ture'

Doctoral Student, Anthropology

American University, Washington, DC
Concentration in Race, Gender and Social Justice
ture_k at yahoo.com 
www.american-anthropology.wetpaint.com <mailto:kture at mail.usf.edu>  

(301) 256 5280





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