[URBANTH-L]ANN: Free Online Issue of Cultural Anthropology, with Urban Anthropology Focus

Angela Jancius jancius3022 at comcast.net
Sun Nov 30 13:44:26 EST 2008

A free, virtual issue of Cultural Anthropology 
focused on Cities and Urbanism is now available. 
The issue includes 5 essays published over the last few years.

Cultural Anthropology is the journal of the 
Society for Cultural Anthropology, a section of 
the American Anthropological Association. 
Cultural Anthropology publishes ethnographic 
writing informed by a wide array of theoretical 
perspectives, innovative in form and content, and 
focused on both traditional and emerging topics. 
The journal is one of more than 20 publications 
featured in AnthroSource, the American 
Anthropological Association's online portal.

Access essays in the virtual issue by clicking on the titles below.
Supplemental material for each essay is available 
on the journal website: http://culanth.org/?q=node/181

Other Cultural Anthropology essays focused on 
Cities and Urbanism are listed here: http://culanth.org/?q=node/60


The City as Barracks: Freetown, Monrovia, and the 
Organization of Violence in Postcolonial African Cities
Danny Hoffman


Beyond the Glitter: Belly Dance and Neoliberal Gentrification in Istanbul
Öykü Potuoglu-Cook


Streets Not Named: Discursive Dead Ends and the 
Politics of Orientation in Intercommunal Spatial Relations in Norther Greece
Olga Demetriou


"Visible Signs of a City Out of Control": Community Policing in New York City
Benjamin Chesluk


Spectacles of Modernity: Transnational 
Imagination and Local Hegemonies in Neoliberal Buenos Aires
Emanuela Guano


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