[URBANTH-L]anthropological responses to current financial meltdown

David Valentine valen076 at umn.edu
Thu Oct 23 21:27:55 EDT 2008

Hi Anke,
Karen Ho, here at U Minnesota, is having her book published on her work 
with Wall Street traders by Duke. Unfortunately it's not out yet (she 
sent back her final draft the same day Lehman Bros. went south, and she 
is reworking her intro furiously to account for the last few weeks), but 
I believe that Duke is working to get it fast tracked because of its 
timeliness. The title is "Liquidated" (can't remember the subtitle). 
She's also just given birth and is on leave, but she is checking email 
intermittently should you want to contact her: karenho at umn.edu

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