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4th Annual Conference TGK Berlin-New York
September 25th-27th
Fordham University Lincoln Center
113 West 60th Street
New York, NY 10023

"In Search of the Postfordist City: Concepts and the Meaning of Urban 
Space and Society"

Conference program and directions to the campus at:
www.fordham.edu/urbanstudies or www.metropolitanstudies.de

Conference Schedule

Thursday, September 25        12th Floor Lounge, Lowenstein Building

5:00 pm    Welcome by Dean Nancy Busch,  Graduate School of Arts and 
Sciences (Fordham University)

Rosemary Wakeman 
(Fordham  University)
Heinz Reif  (TU Berlin)

5:30 pm.  Keynote Lecture by David  Harvey (City University New 
York):  "The Right to the City"
7.00 pm.  Opening Reception

Friday, September 26  McNally Auditorium, School of Law

8:30 am   Registration and Coffee

8.50 am   Welcome by Volker Berghahn (Columbia University)

9:00 ­ 10:30 am.  Panel 1: Historicizing Postfordism: Was There Really 
a Break in the 1970s?

Chairs: Mary Nolan (New York University)
Oliver Schmidt (TU Berlin)

William Sites (University of Chicago): So When, Exactly, Was 
Black  Fordism? Race, History and Urban Theory

Ralph Blessing and Mary Rocco (Hunter/CUNY): Postfordist Urbanism and 
the Changes in Academic Planning

Stefan Höhne (TGK Berlin-New York): Efficiency in Movement. 
Fordist  Ideologies in Contemporary Urban Transit

Lukasz Stanek (Delft University): The Emergence of Urban Society? 
The  Research of the Institut de Sociologie Urbaine (1962 ­ 1974)

10:45 am. ­ 12:15 pm.   Panel 2: Changing Spatial Patterns:  From 
Center to Periphery and vice versa?

Chairs: Allison L. C. de Cerreño (Wagner/New York University)
Doreen Jakob (TGK Alumna ­Urban Research Program/ Griffith University)

Andrew Needham (New York University): Power Plants, Landfills, and 
Vacation Homes: Hinterland Social Inequality and the Modern Metropolis

Meredith Ten Hoor (Princeton University): Building a Postfordist 
Market? Architecture, Food, and Information in the Transfer from Les
Halles to Rungis

Johanna Schlaack (TGK Berlin-New York): Airport City versus Airport 
Suburbia: Emerging Forms of Postfordist Urban Growth

Wolfram Hoefer (Rutgers University): 'The Oranges in New Jersey' 
-  Searching for the Postfordist City in the Design Studio

12:15 ­ 1:45 pm.  Lunch and Poster Presentations

1:45 ­ 3:15 pm.  Panel 3: Producing and Consuming Culture: The Fordist 
Versus the Postfordist City?

Chairs: Sharon Zukin (CUNY)
Mark Naison (Fordham University)

Miriam Greenberg (University of California at Santa Cruz): Urban 
Branding and the Postfordist City: The Case of New York City in the

Michael Ralph (New York University): The Hip Hop 
Generation's  Postindustrial Politics

Kristina Graaff (TGK Berlin-New York): Testimony, Self- 
Commodification, and Entrepreneurialism: Street Literature as Product
and Producer of the Postfordist Condition

Ingo Bader (TGK Berlin-New York):  Is the Music Industry a Prototype 
for the Postfordist Economy?

3:15 ­ 4:15 pm.  Panel 4: Security and Urban Warfare: A New Dimension 
of Postfordism?

Chair: Dorothee Brantz (TU Berlin)

Peter Marcuse (Columbia University): Controlling the City: The Criminal 
Justice System Today

Ashley Dawson (CUNY): Adjusted Cities and the Urban War Machine

4:30 ­ 6:00 pm.                     Panel 5: New Paradigms of Urban 
Interaction: What is Postfordist Social Inequality?

Chairs: John Mollenkopf (CUNY)
Ayala Fader (Fordham University)

Margit Mayer (FU Berlin): From Fordist Inequality to Postfordist 
Exclusion and Inclusion

Noa Ha (TGK Berlin-New York): Public Space as Space of Labor, Street 
Vending in the Postfordist City

Stefan Wellgraf (TGK Berlin-New York): Conceptualizing Postfordist 
Social Inequality: Lessons from Ethnographic Research of Marginalized 
Urban Youth in Berlin"

7:00 pm   Buffet Dinner, Cafeteria Atrium, Lowenstein Building

Saturday, September 27  McNally Auditorium, School of Law

8:30 am   Registration and Coffee

9:00 ­ 10:30 am.   Panel 6: Architecture and the Spatiality of Late 
20th- Century Urbanism: How has the Appearance of Cities Changed Since 
the 1970s?

Chairs: Christine Boyer (Princeton University)
Peter Marcuse (Columbia University)

Tracy Neumann (New York University): 'Goodbye, 
Steeltown'?:  Postindustrial Urban Landscapes in the Great Lakes Region

Alessandro Busá (TGK Berlin-New York): Urbanity Sells, and Comes 
from  Above: Rezoning, Rebranding and Auctioning Harlem's Main Street

Cordelia Polinna (TGK Berlin-New York): Urban Renaissance London: 
A  New Urban Design Paradigm for the City Center

Harald Bodenschatz (TU Berlin): Contours of a 'Third Center' in 
the  European Metropolis

10:45 am. ­ 12:15 pm.  Panel 7: Social Housing ­ No Future in  the 
Post-Fordist City?

Chairs: Owen Gutfreund (Columbia University)
Nicholas Bloom (New York Institute of Technology)

Marieke van Rooy (TU Eindhoven): Public Housing at a Turning 
Point:  The Netherlands, 1960-1980

Ari Sammartino (Oberlin College): Co-op City, Crisis and 
Community,  1965-1975

Sabine Horlitz (TGK Berlin-New York):  The Construction of a Blast:  No 
Random Crisis. The 1972 Demolition of the Pruitt-Igoe Public
Housing Project.

Nicholas Anastasakos (Brown University): Reconstituting the Fringe: The 
Political Culture of Homelessness in Manhattan, 1972-1979

12:15 ­ 1:45 pm.                    Lunch and Poster Presentations

1:45 ­ 3:15 pm.                      Panel 8: The City as a Place 
of  Work and Leisure: How  Did  Postfordism Affect Urban Practices?

Chairs: Wolfgang  Kaschuba (HU Berlin)
Hasia Diner (New York University)

Seamus O'Hanlon and Tony Dingle (Monash University, Australia): From 
Manufacturing Zone to Crisis Zone to Lifestyle Precinct: 
Economic  Restructuring and Social Change in Inner Melbourne, 1971-2001

Anne Vogelpohl (TGK Berlin-New York): Blurring Spheres of Life: 
Challenges for Work and Play in the Postfordist City

Riza Baris Ülker (TGK Berlin-New York): Ethnic Entrepreneurship as 
a  Postfordist Reflection

Clara E. Rodriguez (Fordham University): Latinos on TV and in Film in 
Pre and Post Fordist NYC

3:30 ­ 5:30 pm.   Panel 9: Searching for the Just  City, Fighting for a 
Right to the City -- Book Presentations and  Roundtable Discussion

James Connolly, Cuz Potter, Johannes Novy, Justin Steil, Ingrid  Olivo, 
Peter Marcuse (Columbia University): _Searching for the Just
City_ (Routledge, 2009)

Tom Angotti (Hunter/CUNY), Sam J. Miller, (Picture the Homeless),  Rene 
Francisco Poitevan, (New York University): _New York for 
Sale:  Community Planning Confronts Global Real Estate_ (MIT Press, 
November, 2008)

Roundtable Discussion with Peter Marcuse (Columbia University), Tom 
Angotti (Hunter/CUNY), Rene Francisco Poitevan (New York University); 
Sam J. Miller (Picture the Homeless); James Connolly, Cuz Potter, 
Johannes Novy, Justin Steil, Ingrid Olivo (all Columbia University), 
Right to the City Alliance, et. al.

5:30 pm   Conference Closing

Jun. Prof. Dr. Dorothee Brantz
Center for Metropolitan Studies
Technische Universität Berlin

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