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In the past, I worked with the earlier version of NVivo-QSR NU*DIST-and
because it was so much work to set up I hesitated to use even a newer
version for anything less than really large quantities of
transcriptions. I decided to go ahead and try NVivo when, for one of my
projects, we recorded close to 300 hours for 200 interviews. I now think
I'll use it on all of my projects even if they are very small; of
course, at this point, we have purchased the software.


The positives:


The current version of NVivo is easy to learn and to handle, and has
features for sound, images, and social networking maps in addition to
those for transcriptions or other text documents. In fact, you can use
it simply for annotated bibliographies and such, like some people mark
passages of text with different highlighter colors then copy and paste
(the advantage with the software is that it will sort the passages out
and show overlaps for you).


The negatives:


I do not know that NVivo is superior to other qualitative software and
probably should have done some sort of comparison before making the
investment, but buying an upgrade cost less than a new license. To me,
it's expensive even in the student version.


To try it out:


Anyone can download a free 30-day trial version and participate in free
webinar tutorials, and I know from students' experience that the company
doesn't harass you afterward with advertisements.






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A colleague here in the business school likes Nvivo .... I haven't used 

it myself (still waiting for a chance to have her show me some of its 

marvels).  This is PC-friendly. Here is the link to the website:


Lisa Maya Knauer



Allen Feldman wrote:


> I am interested in recommendations  for inexpensive user-friendly 

> software programming that can  numerically aggregate qualitative 

> responses from informants by keyword, topic, domain etc

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