[URBANTH-L]AAG 2010: call for papers: Sub-Saharan African Settlement Dynamics: the Rise of "Afri-Burbs"

Katrin Anacker kanacker at gmu.edu
Wed Aug 26 16:20:50 EDT 2009

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Proposed AAG 2010 Session:
Sub-Saharan African Settlement Dynamics: the Rise of "Afri-Burbs"

According to the United Nations, the world in 2008 reached the "urban 
tipping point," with the proportion of those living in urban areas 
exceeding 50 percent.  By 2030, every world region including Africa 
south of the Sahara will have more urban than rural dwellers.  These 
urban dwellers will live in a variety of settlement types, including 
congested slums in the urban core, refugee camps, and, increasingly, 
suburban developments on the peripheries of many cities, including 
the 36 cities that are estimated to have a population of more than 
one million.  While there is an abundance of literature that 
discusses cities, urbanization, suburbs and suburbanization in more 
developed regions, there is a dearth of literature that focuses on 
these topics for less developed regions, in particular Africa, and 
especially suburbs and suburbanization.  This session tries to fill 
this gap. Some areas of special interest for the organizers include 
planners' responses to suburbanization, the challenges of governing 
African suburbs, suburban demographics, and data issues.

We thus invite authors to submit abstracts to Katrin Anacker 
(<mailto:kanacker at gmu.edu>kanacker at gmu.edu) and David Rain 
(<mailto:drain at gwu.edu>drain at gwu.edu). We would appreciate having 
abstracts by October 15th. Abstracts should have a title, the name(s) 
of the author(s) and their contact information, as well as a short 
summary of the paper topic.

Katrin B. Anacker, Ph.D.
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