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> A good primer on homelessness is Hopper's Reckoning with Homelessness
> (2003).A book at the center of the debate over the definition of
> homelessness is Rossi's Down and Out in America (1989)Two ethnographies with
> a Feminist perspective are:The Women Outside; Golden (1992).
> The Unequal Homeless; Passaro (1996).
> Two geographers that use ethnographic methods:Wolch & Dear, Malign Neglect
> (1993).
> Dear & Wolch, Landscapes of Despair (1987).
> Other works:Checkerboard Square, Wagner (1993).Young and Homeless in
> Hollywood, Ruddick (1996).
> Out of Place, Wright (1997).
> Something Left to Loose, Dordick (1997).Love, Sorrow and Rage, Waterston
> (1999) - Great for the classroom.
> Where Have the Homeless Gone? Marcus (2006).
> These are some works that I did not see in the previous e-mails.

Allow me to add Tom Gill (2001) Men of Uncertainty: The Social Organization
of Day Laborers in Contemporary Japan to the list. Just this morning, I was
reading in our local papers how many temporary workers, housed while
employed in company housing, are now losing their housing as well as  their
jobs, which give Gill's account of how those on the fringes of the Japanese
economy get by of particular relevance at this historic moment.

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