[URBANTH-L]CFP - 2009 AAA Conference - Rethinking the American Dream

Marc Hebert marckhebert at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 28 07:01:34 EST 2009

CFP - 2009 AAA Conference 

Rethinking the American Dream

What does the face of poverty look like today in the United States
when more and more people nationwide find themselves in it, approaching
it or surrounded by it? This panel seeks to organize researchers in an
effort to provide distinguishable vantage points of our country’s
recession, or is it a depression, in the lives of those whom we
interview, observe, live among, teach about and even ourselves. The
anthropology of policy, housing, work, economics, business, health,
technology, media, design, as well as linguistics and autoethnography, among
other areas, are welcome to provide a varied perspective of how people
are rethinking their “American dream." Every effort will be made not to
duplicate any thematic area of poverty. While papers will be presented,
panel participants should be prepared to provide an engaging
presentation that balances substance with style. Papers are encouraged
to be written in a conversational manner, accompanied by vivid
pictures, music, audio clips, video, art, websites or any other
additional form of creatively and effectively communicating to
colleagues and the greater public. The question and answer section will
be an intricate part of the panel presentation, allowing audience
members and presenters to benefit fully from the experience. 

Please send a 250-word abstract to Marc Hebert at mkh (at) mail.usf.edu by March 22, 2009.

Marc Hebert

PhD Candidate, Anthropology

University of South Florida

4202 East Fowler Avenue, SOC 107

Tampa, Florida 33620-7200 U.S.A.



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