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Hello all,
My name is Tom Knoll and I am Founder and Co-Director of Pathways To Empowerment, an NGO working on community development in all of its facets with a number of communities and organizations globally. In the past year we initiated a project looking at food and fitness issues with minority and newly migrated communities in the US midwest, specifically African-Americans, Latinos and Lao/Hmong communities.  In the next year we will include newly migrated Iraquis and Bhutanese.  One of the more interesting aspects that we are evolving is work within Bhutanese refugee camps on the Eastern border of Nepal and then tracking some of these refugees as they migrate to the US.  We work directly with the UN World Food Programme and the UN High Commission for Refugees, with Will Allen, urban agriculture expert and recent MacArthur Genius Award recipient, a team of medical experts and participatory development specialists.  Related work includes community theatre and oral history projects around food and nutrition history and extensive nutrition surveys and assessments with these communities.  I know this doesn't exactly contribute to your syllabus, but we would really be interested in having some rigorous anthropological analysis of this work.  Also, it could serve as an opportunity for field-work in your course. 
Please feel free to contact me and good luck with what sounds like a great course,
Tom Knoll
Pathways To Empowerment
tom at pathwaystoempowerment.org
p.s. Please forgive the status of our website as it is presently being revamped.> Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 15:37:57 -0500> From: Sarah_Willen at hms.harvard.edu> To: urbanth-l at lists.ysu.edu> Subject: [URBANTH-L]RE: Immigration and Health> > > Dear Konane and colleagues,> > Following up on Leo's email, I'm writing to share a bibliography-in-progress> and related working paper on matters of immigration and health that you may> find useful -- and to which you (and other list members) are cordially> invited to contribute. (Some already have; thank you!)> > The working paper and bibliography were prepared by Heide Castaneda> (University of South Florida) and myself as part of a new "Take a Stand> Initiative: Undocumented Im/migration and Health" within the Society for> Medical Anthropology's (SMA) Critical Anthropology of Health Special> Interest Group, and they are available for download from the SMA website at> http://www.medanthro.net/research/cah/caghimmig.html.> > As the working paper explains, we are currently assembling a task force (and> a listserv) on this topic, and all interested anthropologists are invited to> take part. (Anyone interested can contact either Heide or me.)> > Good luck with your course, and look forward to hearing what you find,> ~Sarah Willen> > -- > Sarah S. Willen, PhD, MPH> Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Social Medicine> Lecturer, Department of Anthropology> Harvard University> Sarah_Willen at hms.harvard.edu> > > At 11:36 AM 1/6/2009, Konane Martinez wrote:> >Happy New Year to all,> >> >I'm developing a course on Immigration and> >Health and would like to put a syllabus together> >that is comparative, including many different> >immigration cases. (Morrocco-Spain, Germany,> >India etc.) I'm appealing to your expertise for> >recommendations on readings and references. If> >anyone has a syllabus similar to this type of> >course and are willing to share it would be much appreciated.> >> >Please reply to kmartine at csusm.edu. I'm more> >than willing to compile all responses to share with group if interested!> >> >Thank you in advance,> >> >Konane Martinez> > > > _______________________________________________> URBANTH-L mailing list> URBANTH-L at lists.ysu.edu> http://lists.ysu.edu/mailman/listinfo.cgi/urbanth-l
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