[URBANTH-L]Enquiry: postsecular cities/ urban spaces

Justin Beaumont j.r.beaumont at rug.nl
Sun Jan 11 09:05:31 EST 2009

**** Apologies if you receive this enquiry more than once ****


I would be very grateful if people could reflect upon, provide insights and
recommend literature to help me along with my research.


The focus is postsecular cities (or more accurately postsecular urban spaces
given the exchange on the Comurb mailbase a few months ago) at the
theoretical and empirical intersection between (1) political economy of
neoliberal urbanism and (2) state-civil society relations and faith-based
political and ethical praxis in cities.


There is currently little or no systematic engagement with this emergent
topic in the geographical literature, despite a postsecular turn in
sociology via the work of critical theorists such as Habermas, liberal
communitarians like Taylor and critical commentators such as McLennan, among


While a limited number of contributions to the literature recently  (e.g.
TESG; Urban Studies) reflect a tide of change within urban scholarship a
great deal more needs to be done to capture, sharpen and deepen the
conceptual and analytical implications of these inquiries for urban theory
in general and postsecular urbanism (theory, empirics, politics) in


Your insights, reflections and literature suggestions would be warmly



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