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ESRC Seminar Series
"Gentrification and Social Mix"


Tom Slater (University of Edinburgh)
Loretta Lees (King's College London)
Tim Butler (King's College London)
Gary Bridge (University of Bristol)


FEBRUARY 19TH and 20TH 2008

The Old Library, Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh, 
Drummond Street, Edinburgh EH8 9XP

Seminar Summary

For some time now there has been a lack of integration of conceptual 
approaches to the popular urban policy of "social mix" with theoretical 
debates in gentrification research.  This integration could be greatly 
enhanced by international comparisons of gentrification dynamics, types 
of social mix and the relevant institutional and policy contexts. 
Social mix has long been a planning/policy objective, and a sign of a 
healthy, liveable urban area, but the concept has recently come under 
fire from academics researching gentrification, especially for being too 
one-sided - it is mostly in low-income and/or working-class 
neighbourhoods where social mix is to be achieved through an influx of 
wealthier and/or middle-class residents. Very rarely is social mix 
planned for wealthier neighbourhoods, which raises questions about the 
motivations and the politics behind the concept. Furthermore, what kind 
of social mixing actually takes place in gentrifying neighbourhoods? 
Despite a significant amount of research taking place that addresses 
these issues, there has been no organised debate/interaction among 
researchers, and this seminar series proposes to bring people together 
to discuss these issues in depth.  The purpose of this particular 
seminar is to make these conceptual connections through an international 
dialogue between researchers of gentrification and social mix.


Pauline Lipman, University of Illinois at Chicago:

"Mixed-income Schools and Housing Policy in Chicago: A Critical 
Examination of the Gentrification/Education/"Racial" Exclusion Nexus."

Talja Blokland, Technische Universität Berlin:

"Everyday interactions and robust identities: a hypothesis on the 
underestimated relevance of gentrifiers for an inclusive public space." 

David Manley & Joe Doherty, University of St. Andrews:

"Neighbourhood social mix and transitions into and out of employment in 

Alan Walks & Martine August, University of Toronto:

"From social mix to political marginalization? The dilution of tenant 
power in Canada's Regent Park."

Sarah Glynn, University of Strathclyde:

"Gentrifying a peripheral Scottish city."

Marie-Helene Bacque, UMR Louest, Universite d'Evry: 
"Social mix as a smokescreen for gentrification."


Gordon MacLeod University of Durham

Libby Porter University of Glasgow


Tom Slater University of Edinburgh



11.30-12.00: Coffee/tea

12 - 12.15: Introduction and welcome: Tom Slater

12.15 - 1: Paper: Pauline Lipman

1 - 2.15pm: Lunch

2.15 - 3: Paper: Talja Blokland

3 - 3.45: Paper: David Manley & Joe Doherty

3.45 - 4pm: Coffee/tea

4 - 4.45: Discussant: Gordon MacLeod

4.45 - 5.30: General Discussion

Evening: Dinner


10 - 10.45: Paper: Alan Walks and Martine August

10.45 - 11am: Coffee

11 - 11.45: Paper: Sarah Glynn

11.45-12.30: Paper: Marie-Helene Bacque

12.30 - 2pm: Lunch

2 - 2.45: Discussant: Libby Porter

2.45 - 3.30: General discussion

3.30 - 3.45pm: Summing up: Loretta Lees

Dr. Tom Slater
Institute of Geography,
University of Edinburgh
Drummond Street,
Edinburgh EH8 9XP, U.K.

Tel: +44 (0)131 650 9506


Read the IJURR debate on my article "The Eviction of Critical 
Perspectives from Gentrification Research" here:


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