[URBANTH-L]a question concerning methods/ethics

Fethi Keles fkeles at maxwell.syr.edu
Fri Jul 24 13:41:15 EDT 2009


I would like to receive opinions on the following issue, if possible.

What most everyone does when we write things up is to change names and use pseudonyms etc. etc. But, what do you do if an informant a) specifically asks to be identified with his/her actual name in your study (book, article whatever) b) says s/he doesn't care/wouldn't mind if you were to use his/her actual name?

I feel the answer to this must be more than 'well go ahead and do as s/he says', for there could be a whole lot of other implications if one does so. Any readings you would suggest? What courses of action would be on the table in the two cases above?

Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thank you.

Fethi Keles
PhD Candidate in Cultural Anthropology
Maxwell School

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