[URBANTH-L]Angola enquiry

Mark Naftalin marnaf at PRIO.NO
Wed Jun 24 12:51:31 EDT 2009

Dear Professor Hansen,


I am writing to you on the advice of my project supervisor, Kristian
Harpviken - I do hope that is okay.  I am currently researching the role
that former refugees play in conflict in their country of origin (for
more information please refer to
http://www.prio.no/Research-and-Publications/Project/?oid=6335945).  We
have identified a number of relevant cases in Africa and further afield
which have confirmed military mobilization amongst refugees.  It is
highly likely that in these cases, those refugees engaged in combat on
return home.


Unfortunately, I am struggling to find any relevant literature on
Angola.  A couple of HRW documents make reference to former UNITA
combatants who have been classified as returning refugees to guarantee
their access to humanitarian assistance.  However, are you aware of any
military mobilization which took place amongst refugees in either DRC or
Zambia, especially post 1992?  If so, did they engage in conflict on
return to Angola?  If they returned home and did not engage in conflict,
that would also be interesting.  


Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.



Mark Naftalin


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