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Dear SUNTA members: 

Based on your research interests, I write to you with an inquiry about whether the American Anthropological Association (AAA) could further your teaching needs by bringing any of our old titles back into availability.

Over AAA's century-long history, we have published hundreds of books. A recent review of these texts has prompted us to consider whether the scholarly community might benefit from easier access to these works.

However, since publishing is a very costly endeavor, we want to make sure that the texts would be considered useful to our members. We are therefore soliciting your input on the scholarly value and demand for AAA's past publications in this area.

Below, you will find a list of books that have been flagged as relevant to the interests served by this section. Please review the list and email me with any comments about books that you would find useful either for yourself or for your students (in which case, please include class title and enrollment numbers). I hope to receive all responses by April 15th. Feel free to indicate if there are other AAA publications that you would like to see made available.

We are also considering the compilation of a "reader" related to the ethics, practice, and instruction of Anthropology; if this interests you, please indicate the flagged reports and articles from AAA publications that you believe should be included.

Finally, if you know other individuals (or listservs) that might have thoughts on this project, please feel free to forward this message.

I welcome any questions or comments, and thank you in advance for your time, and your thoughtful replies. AAA is committed to making available works that are meaningful to our members and others, and this is why we are soliciting your help in this endeavor.

Sharon Stein
Assistant to the Director of Publishing
American Anthropological Association
2200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22201
Tel: 571-483-1175
Fax: 703-528-3546
sstein at aaanet.org

AAA Books of Potential Interest to SUNTA Members:

Cultural Meaning of Urban Space (1993) - Robert Rotenberg, Gary McDonogh

Decolonizing Anthropology Moving Further toward an Anthropology for Liberation (2nd Edition 2001) - Faye V. Harrison

Migrants, Regional Identities and Latin American Cities (SLAA Monograph No. 13) (1997) - Xavier Albo, Lane Hirabayashi, Teofilo Altamirano

Refugee Empowerment and Organizational Change (1993) - Peter W Van Arsdale

Selected Papers on Refugee Issues, Volume 1 (1992) - Pamela Devoe

Selected Papers on Refugee Issues, Volume 2 (1993) - MaryCarol Hopkins and Nancy Donnelly

Selected Papers on Refugee Issues, Volume 3 (1994) - Amy Zaharlick and Jeffrey MacDonald

Selected Papers on Refugee Issues, Volume 4 (1996) - Ann Rynearson and James Phillips

Beyond Boundaries (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants, Volume 5) (1997) - Diane Baxter and Ruth Krulfeld

Diasporic Identity (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants, Number 6) (1998) - Robert Rotenberg, Gary McDonogh

Negotiating Power and Place at the Margins (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants Volume 7) (1999) - Juliene Lipson and Lucia Ann McSpadden

Rethinking Refugee and Displacement (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants Volume  8) (2000) - Elzbieta M. Gozdziak and Dianne J. Shandy

Negotiating Transnationalism (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants Volume  9) (2001) - MaryCarol Hopkins and Nancy Wellmeier

At Work in Homes: Household Workers in World Perspective (AES monograph Number 3) (1990) - Roger Sanjek and Shellee Cohen

Moralizing States and the Ethnography of the Present (AES monograph Number 5) (1993) - Carol A. Mortland

Finding a Moral Heart for US Immigration Policy: An Anthropological Perspective (AES monograph Number 7) (1998) - Josiah McC. Heyman

The Cultural Meaning of Urban Space (1993) - Lawrence B. Breitborde and Irene Glasser

Urban Anthropology in the 1990s: A Collection of Syllabi and an Extensive Bibliography (1996) - Irene Glasser

Urban Life on Film and Video: A Collection of Reviews for the Teaching of Urban Anthropology (1995) - Parker Shipton

Bitter Money: Cultural Economy & Some African Meanings of Forbidden Commodities(1989) - Richard Gabriel Fox

Nationalist Ideologies and the Production of National Cultures (1990) -Constance R. Sutton

Feminism, Nationalism, and Militarism (1995) - Sally Falk Moore

Forced to Flee:  Human Rights and Human Wrongs in Refugee Homelands (Not an AAA book) - Peter Van Arsdale

Braving a New World: Cambodian (Khmer) Refugees in An American City (Not an AAA book) - MaryCarol Hopkins

We are also considering the creation of a "reader" about the Ethics, Practice and Instruction of Anthropology, comprised of relevant committee reports and various articles from AAA publications. If you would be interested in using such a reader in the classroom, please indicate which documents you would find useful:
AAA Statements on Ethics (1971) - Committee on Ethics

The Minority Experience in Anthropology (1973) - Committee on Minorities and Anthropology

Survey of the American Anthropological Association (1992) - David Givens

Survey of Departments (1994) - David Givens and Diane Mahaney

AAA Statement on "Race" and Intelligence (1994)

Final Report of the Commission to review the AAA Statement on Ethics (1995) - Committee on Ethics

AAA Response to OMB Directive 15 (1997)
Handbook on Ethical Issues in Anthropology (1998) - Joan Cassell and Committee on Ethics

AAA Statement on "Race" (1998)
Code of Ethics (1998) - Committee on Ethics

Declaration on Anthropology and Human Rights (1999) - Committee for Human Rights

El Dorado Task Force papers (2001) - Committee on Ethics

Who is Doing the Teaching and How are They Being Supported? Survey on the use of park-time instructors Report (2001) - Coalition on the Academic Workforce

AAA Statement on the Confidentiality of Field Notes (2003) - Committee on Ethics

AAA Statement on Ethnography and Institutional Review Boards (2004) - Committee on Ethics

Race, Gender, and Mentoring in Anthropology Departments (2004)
Committee on Minority Issues in Anthropology

PAWG Final Report (2006)
Committee on Practicing, Applied and Public Interest Anthropology

Final Report: Commission on the Engagement of Anthropology with the US Security and Intelligence Communities (2007) - Commission on the Engagement of Anthropology with the US Security and Intelligence Communities

AAA Executive Board Statement on the Human Terrain System Project (2007) - AAA Executive Board

Profiles in Practice (2007) - Committee on Practicing, Applied and Public Interest Anthropology

We've Come a Long Way, Maybe: Academic Climate Report of the Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology (2008) - Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology

Work Climate, Gender, and the Status of Practicing Anthropologists (2009) - Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology

"Future of Anthropology" AN 30(7) (1989) - Michael Blakely

"Campus Resources for Gaining Student Fieldwork Experience" AN 44(4) (2003) - Kate Patch and Stacey Hockett Sherlock

"Engaging with National Security" AN 47(2) (2006) - Alan Goodman

"Anthropology's Terms of Engagement with Security" AN 48(1) (2007) - Robert Albro

"Ethical Challenges for Anthropological Engagement" AN 48(1) (2007) - Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban and Monica Heller

"Anthropology and the Wages of Secrecy" AN 48(3) (2007) - David Price

"Where are the Anthropologists?" AN 47(7) (2006) - Laura McNamara

"Does Anthropology Need a Hearing Aid?" AN 47(8) (2006) - Robert Albro

"Commission at the Halfway Point" AN 48(5) (2007) - James Peacock

"Reflecting Back on a Year of Debate With the Ad Hoc Commission" AN 48(7) (2007) - Kerry Fosher

"Update on the AAA Ad Hoc Commission" AN 48(8) (2007) - James Peacock

"Anthropology and the Military: A Summary of Related 2007 Annual Meeting Events" AN 49 (2) (2008) - Dinah Winnick

Ethical Currents: "Ethics Review and Anthropology" AN 49 (3) (2008) - G. Downey

"The Great Debate: Anthropology Goes to War" AN 49 (5) (2008) - R Lowe and H Kelly

Ethical Currents: "Artifact versus Relic: Ethics and the Archaeology of the Recent Past"  AN 49(7) (2008) - B Clark

"Revising the AAA Code of Ethics: A Process Summary"  AN 49(8) (2008) - D Dozier

"Ethics and the Anthropological Profession in the 21st Century  AN 49(8) (2008) - N Tashima, K Thu, C Crain, P Durrenberger, E Tunstall

"CEAUSSIC Phase Two: Up and Running"  AN 49(8) (2008) - R Albro

Ethical Currents: "Primatologists as Anthropologists: Whose Well-Being Counts?" AN 49(8) (2008) - Erin Riley

Ethical Currents: "Clinical Research versus Clinical Care: An Anthropological Perspective on Medical Research Ethics"  AN 49(9) (2008)
 - S Craddock Lee

"Code of Ethics of the AAA: Proposed Revisions 2008" AN 50 (1) (2009)
"Crafting an Ethics Casebook: A Resource for Publicly-Engaged Anthropology" AN 50 (1) (2009) - R Albro

"Executive Board Creates Ethics Task Force" AN 50 (2) (2009) - D Plemmons

"Anthropology and War: An Ongoing Debate" AN 50 (2) (2009) - L Gomoll

Ethical Currents: "An Association-Wide Ethics Discussion" AN 50 (3) (2009) - D Plemmons, A Barker

"CEAUSSIC Online: Fostering Public Dialogue on the State of the Field" AN 50 (4) (2009) - R Albro

Ethical Currents: "Perspectives on the AAA Code of Ethics AN 50 (4) (2009) -L Frink, T Turner

"Anthropological Perils in the Cold War's Wake" PoLAR 18(2) 1995 - B. Duncan

OTHER: please indicate any articles, reports, or other documents you would like to see included in such a reader

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