[URBANTH-L]Conference registration fees and alternative formats

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Hi all --

We brought this up at the Section Assembly meeting at AAA in November. I was concerned in part because we go through this every year with the interlocutor series, for which SUNTA is dunned $361. We asked about waiving the registration fee at the Section Assembly meeting. The problem for AAA is that the meeting is the way AAA makes money. The best we could get out of them is that the Association will make the whole process more transparent.

Perhaps if the membership at large made more noise?


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Dear list
I'm wondering if anyone on this list knows if AAA will ever reduce or 
waive the registration fees for non-AAA members.  The high fees seem 
especially steep and very ironic since this year's conference explicitly 
calls for non-traditional formats. I co-organized a panel on 
immigration, and we want to include an immigrant advocate (i.e. a 
grassroots organizer) as a discussant. $361 seems like a lot to ask an 
organizer to pay for a registration fee if he/she is only attending AAA 
to participate in a single panel (and is not an academic who might be 
able to get university funding). 
Any thoughts?
Lisa Maya Knauer

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