[URBANTH-L]ANN: The National Conference on Refugee Professional Recertification (East Lansing, Michigan)

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Tue May 26 14:19:42 EDT 2009

Building Professional Pathways for New Americans:
The National Conference on Refugee Professional Recertification

The Kellogg Center at Michigan State University
June 22-23, 2009
East Lansing, MI

Make plans now to attend the National Conference on Recertification. The 
first of its kind, this conference will focus on the specific issues related 
to professional retraining, job-seeking and recertification for refugees 
resettling the United States.

Each year, foreign-trained educators, physicians, nurses, engineers and 
other professionals, work to reclaim their careers in the United States. 
With the current refugee crisis in Iraq, a new wave of foreign-trained 
professionals are settling in communities across the country. They have a 
strong desire to contribute their skills to the U.S. workforce, but find the 
process difficult, expensive and time-consuming to obtain the required 

In a time of economic crisis their situation -- and the task of those who 
work with them -- is extremely challenging. Refugee resettlement personnel, 
workforce development experts, refugees, employment specialists, educators, 
businesses, and others who want to see New Americans integrate into the U.S. 
workforce will want to attend the conference.

To register, go to www.refugeeworks.org/conference/

Contact Information:

700 Light St.
Baltimore MD 21230 United States
Phone: 410/230-2769
Email: lrabbben at refugeeworks.org
URL: http://www.refugeeworks.org/conference/ 

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