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Thu Oct 15 07:02:07 EDT 2009


The Ethics and Politics of Research with Immigrant Populations

President’s Interdisciplinary Conference

June 4-5, 2010

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Deadline for Submissions: December 21, 2009


Bic Ngo, Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, 
University of Minnesota
Martha Bigelow, Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and 
Instruction, University of Minnesota
Stacey J. Lee, Professor, Department of Educational Policy Studies, 
University of Wisconsin, Madison


Jorge A. Bustamante, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of 
Notre Dame
Nancy H. Hornberger, Professor of Education and Director of Educational 
Linguistics, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania
Awad Ibrahim, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education of the 
University of Ottawa, Canada


The University of Minnesota's President's Interdisciplinary Conference 
Initiative supports inquiry that fosters collaboration between scholars 
in divergent fields and across institutions. This interdisciplinary 
conference addresses the question: What are the epistemological and 
ethical considerations in research with immigrant populations? The 
purpose of this conference is to engage university and community 
colleagues and students from a variety of disciplines and interests in 
consideration of this and other questions about ethics and epistemology 
in their research practices.

Participants in this conference will include individuals from diverse 
methodological and disciplinary areas, such as education, social work, 
anthropology, urban studies, the humanities, and the health professions. 
The conference will emphasize the implications of practices in research 
design, data collection, analysis and writing of research that involves 
immigrant populations. These conversations will include concerns related 
to Institutional Review Boards, as well as those that move beyond IRB, 
including presentation and dissemination of findings, sharing of 
research design, and advocacy issues.

We invite proposals that address researchers’ dilemmas as they move 
into, through, and beyond their work with immigrant communities.

To sustain and extend the work and conversations of this conference, we 
will select a small number of conference presentations for revision and 
publication in a peer-reviewed edited book.


We encourage the following types of submissions:

Individual presentations, such as research reports or academic papers, 
artistic expressions or performances, and structured dialogs between 
researchers and community partners about negotiating research dilemmas 
and processes.

Symposia of three or four related research reports or academic papers.

For more information about themes addressed by the conference and to 
submit a proposal, please visit www.cehd.umn.edu/Immigrant-Research.

President's Interdisciplinary Conference
Ethics and Politics of Research w/ Immigrant Populations
June 4-5, 2010, University of Minnesota

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