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THE GLOBAL SOUTH 4.1 (Spring 2010)
Latin America and Globalization

The Global South is an interdisciplinary journal, published  
semiannually by Indiana University Press.  The journal focuses on how  
world literatures and cultures respond to globalization.  Its premise  
is that the various Souths—from the North American South to the  
European South, Latin and Central America, Africa, Asia, and Australia— 
share comparable experiences that differentiate them from mainstream  
and hegemonic cultures in their locations.   Since many of these  
Souths share not necessarily a common wealth, but various issues of  
marginalization and inadequate access to means of production and  
amenities under globalization, TGS is concerned with the intersections  
among their experiences.  The journal is interested in how authors,  
writers, and critics respond to issues of the environment; poverty;  
immigration; gender; race; hybridity; cultural formation and  
transformation; colonialism and postcolonialism; modernity and  
postmodernity; transatlantic encounters, homes, and diasporas;  
resistance and counter discourse; among others under the superordinate  
umbrella of globalization.  The current Call for Papers is for a  
special issue on Latin America.

Latin America is a culturally rich and complex society due to a blend  
of cultures and ethnic identities, including European, African, and  
Native American.  Resultantly, a discussion of Latin America in  
relation to Globalization must account for the rich diversity of Latin  
America in language, literature, history, religion, culture, economy,  
science, and technology. The Global South 4:1: Latin America and  
Globalization will feature responses to globalization by scholars in  
Latin American studies all over the world.  The editor of this special  
issue, Adetayo Alabi of the University of Mississippi, invites high- 
quality original essays.  As consistent with the journal’s  
interdisciplinary scope, submissions from scholars working in all  
areas of Latin American studies are invited.  Possible topics include,  
but are not limited to, the following:

* Discoveries and Cultural Contacts
* Historical and Colonial Relations with Spain and Portugal
* Cultural and Political Revolutions
* Nationhood and Racial Identities
* Discourses of Mestizaje / Mestiçagem / Hybridity
* Social Stratification and Mobility
* North-South Relations
* South-South Relations
* Industrial Revolution and Imperialism
* Marketing Culture: From Samba and Salsa to Carnival and Capoeira
* Globalization and Paradigmatic Shifts
* Globalization and the Asian Influence in Latin America
* Globalization and Latin American Music
* Globalization and Afro-Latin America
* Globalization and US Latino Relations
* Globalization and Gender
* Globalization and New World Order
* Globalization and Cultural Resistance
* Gender and Social Development
* Globalization and Visibility
* Globalization and “Recolonization”
* Globalization, Discourses, and Theories
* Globalization and the “Latin American Dream”
* Globalization and Disillusionment
* Globalization and Orality
* Globalization and Religion
* Globalization and Political Activism
* Globalization, Creativity, and Production
* Globalization and the Latin American Economy

This Special Issue of The Global South is scheduled for publication in  
March 2010.  Please submit abstracts along with a short bio by  
November 10, 2009, final drafts of essays by December 31, 2009, and  
inquiries to Adetayo Alabi.  Essays should be 25-35 double-spaced  
pages long and should follow the MLA style.

You can read more about The Global South at http://inscribe.iupress.org/loi/gso

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