[URBANTH-L]Call for Applicants: Cultural Diplomacy in Europe: A Forum for Young Leaders (Berlin)

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Call for Applications

Cultural Diplomacy in Europe: A Forum for Young Leaders
Next Weeklong Seminar (19th - 23rd October 2009, Berlin)

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is pleased to announce the details of 
our forthcoming Weeklong Seminar for the program Cultural Diplomacy in 
Europe: A Forum for Young Leaders, which will take place in Berlin from 
19th - 23rd October, 2009. The forthcoming Weeklong Seminar will focus on 
the following themes:

1.      The history and development of cultural diplomacy
2.      How cultural diplomacy is conducted, both by individual European 
countries and by the European Union
3.      An exploration and analysis of some of the main cultural divides in 
Europe, and a consideration of how they can be addressed through cultural 
4.      The relationship between Eastern and Western Europe, 20 years after 
the fall of the Berlin Wall
5.      The challenges presented by migration in the EU
6.      The perspectives on European unity and future prospects for United 

Who can apply?
The program is open to all individuals with an interest in European 
relations and cultural exchange.

What will the Weeklong Seminar involve?
The program for the Weeklong Seminar will consist of lectures, seminars, 
workshops, and cultural activities in and around Berlin. The participants 
will meet with leading figures from the political, diplomatic, academic and 
civil society spheres to discuss the state of European relations and 
consider how they can be supported through organised cultural exchange.

What is the aim of the Weeklong Seminar?
The Seminar aims to inform the participants about the field of Cultural 
Diplomacy and its importance today, raise awareness of key issues in the 
European relations, create a network between the Seminar participants, and 
give them creative ideas and support for future initiatives they can 

What happens after the Seminar?
After completing the Weeklong Seminar, the participants become members of 
the Cultural Diplomacy in Europe Forum. They are then supported by the ICD 
in conducting research, in organising and developing leadership initiatives, 
and are invited to join the ICD Online Forum where they can network with the 
other Young Leaders from around the world. The Forum activity is aimed at 
creating sustainable initiatives that bring the European countries closer 

Where can I find more information?

Further information about the next Weeklong Seminar, including the online 
application forum, can be found under:


Further information about the Forum as a whole can be found under:


Further information about the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy can be found 

Any enquiries regarding the program can be sent to 
europe at culturaldiplomacy.org

We look forward to your contact,

Warm Regards,

Katharina Müller

Managing Director

Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD)

Keithstr. 14, 10787 - Berlin, Germany
Mobile: 00.49.(0)157 - 75 54 59 37
Phone: 00.49.(0)30 - 2360 7680
Fax: 00.49.(0)30 - 2360 76811

europe at culturaldiplomacy.org

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