[URBANTH-L]Battle of Seattle 10 year anniversary issue

Avram Bornstein avrambornstein at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 25 14:30:09 EDT 2009

N30 + 10: global civil society, a decade after the Battle of Seattle 
a special Issue of Dialectical Anthropology
Guest edited and introduction by Avram Bornstein
Stanley Aronowitz 
Reflections on Seattle 1999 
Avram Bornstein 
In-betweenness and crumbled hopes in Palestine: the global in the local of the occupied territories 
Deeadra Brown 
Poem - Depth of field 
Hilary Cunningham 
Mobilities and enclosures after Seattle: politicizing borders in a "Borderless" world 
Paul Durrenberger 
If you have a strong union, you don’t need a necktie: U.S. labor and global solidarity 
Marc Edelman 
Peasant–farmer movements, third world peoples, and the Seattle protests against the World Trade Organization, 1999 
Ron Hayduk 
Radical responses to neoliberalism: immigrant rights in the global era 
Now available in libraries and online at: http://www.springerlink.com/content/nv4712866n41/?p=06f9463b192c4038a95ecdcd2819bbdd&pi=0

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