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Check with Student Activities regarding copyright issues.  They will have the answers for you and are quick at responding.  You can also just stop by instead of emailing to get a faster response. 

After talking with Dr. Schueller, we think that 103 (this is a larger room), 337, 338 or even 222 (smaller) would work. We can do a test for sound. I believe all these rooms have sound. 

Also, check to see why the ACM is not listed as a student organization.  When I checked, I didn’t see it listed. 


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Dr. Sharif (and ysu-acm list):

One idea thrown around at the first meeting a few weeks ago was to have a YSU-ACM sponsored movie night once or twice a semester. This would raise awareness of YSU-ACM and could also be used as a fundraiser (we could charge a small cover fee, or even just ask for a small donation from able-students).

My questions to you and the list are:

- When would be the best time to do something like this? I'm thinking maybe once before Thanksgiving break and again two-ish weeks before finals to give students a break from worrying about finals?

- Suggestions on movies? Something tech/CS related.

- Do we have to worry about copyright related things by showing something?

- Do we have to get approval from someone?

- Where could we show it?

- Other thoughts?

I really liked this idea - I think it's a great way to get our name out there a bit and do something fun.

I/we could buy a few big bags of popcorn and a few two-liters and people could snack while watching.


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