[bfsa] Re: Updates to BFSA Website 02-23-09?

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Mon Feb 23 08:47:09 EST 2009

Hi BFSA Members,

I just wanted to let you know about the updates to the BFSA website:

* President Hasheen Wilson and Vice President Dr. Jeff Tyus met with Dr. Sweet to present a proposal on AA Student's performance and retention
* State of the Dream Report released shows silent economic depression for minority community (download report)
* NY Post apologizes for racist cartoon (take our survey)
* More events on Calendar this week
* Pictures of the new Newport Library
* President Obama's speaks at 200th Birthday Celebration of Lincoln (download speech)
* Colon Powel is Interviewed by CNN's Don Lemon for "African American Firsts"  
* NAACP Celebrates 100 years

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Tracey Hughes
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